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Without a promise

I expect

with three years in the Negev

one will


This light

calls itself

the name of its creator

made in its image

made in its desire


To say it is better than the other

is purposeless

they will not meet


It is as archaic

as love

falling into oneself,

forgetting the taste of water

or the sound of it

Protection of self

is not looking in your eyes

when you speak

It is coming apart

like the separation of two lovers

watching themselves

from above

or from the sand

In case they do not remember

I come from a place where my soul ignites

To go there is to go up

Nearer to peace, nearer to Hashem

Thank you

and praise you

for building this land,

for letting me live in it

My mind says to return

To go to you, my dream

In the morning light

there is a calling

for peace

It is the weight of stars

pulling life from me


and the ability to say


My two aspirations

to love

and to remember

From Jordan to Akko

shalom or salaam

song is the way

when one voice nearly


After three ghosts,

there is one

so near to love

that it flies from

earth to heaven

I cannot help you

but give you to it

in fragments

Wanting with your eyes

full passion

like the sister of self

I am nearly alone

Only your eyes

the rest of you left

Every endeavor

that without

love of self

cannot be replicated

is worth doing

Two paths

leading to the same


With one

foot on the border

and the other

in my home

I look at your smile

in the photo

the smile of a child

who is now an angel

as I touch your grave

and I


I kiss the wall

and I remember

when I was first here

the sun was setting

there was no celebration

like this

Who am I

in the reflection of my self

with loved and undone selves

scattered on the ground

if not a soul here,