To the one I cast away

We’re sorrow filled beings Roaming in circles Addicted to the artificial glow And depressed from people we don’t know Boy’s bother me Girl’s bother me The sky bothers me I bother me


beautiful dancing giggly golden singing intellignece confident writing organized resilient kind caring genuine safe healthy loving

Winner Triangle

Dear Dancers, I wish you’d invite me to your homes Let me through your door No, come to my house and drag me to yours I can’t do this alone I’m struggling yet I’m listening

When we got it we don’t seem to want it.

You only love who I am attached to You don’t love me I’m dancing by the edge And you’re holding all the strings I’d rather plummet to the sea Then have you attached to me.

Love on the Brain

I cannot get you out of my mind you’re painted on the walls of Every street I walk on Pronouncing my words in a broken order that I think you’ll like My heart is crystal when I’m with you, I fear you’ll drop it and I’ll break


Ballerinas Dancing graceful battles Queens, feet bent broken By rooftops, cliffs, We trip Fall Call; “Help” Bring love-bound criminals To doorsteps Tumbling down Through doorsteps Unto sidewalks Do not mess with me, My daughter


We all drift in the sea Holding on tighter than thee We cling to our surroundings When we feel we are drowning Some days all I have is you Some days, love feels new You’ve taught me a lot This love cannot be bought


Intense bursts of sadness Something fluttering inside Tears behind my eyes And dancers in my thighs

Dodging bullets

You walk into me You look me in the eyeWe don’t say acknowledge each otherNot since you broke my trustI miss your smileGleaming in your eyesBlue, dancing around while I pass byThen soon after I begin to cry


Everybody could use a little love Everybody needs love Everybody craves love Some spend their nights sobbing themselves asleep, We don’t know Some spend their nights listening to verbal abuse, We don’t know Some spend their nights in fear of their safety, We don’t know We do know that everyone struggles and everybody could use…