Life’s been good to me For an hour of the twenty-four The other twenty-three have been a rollercoaster I’ll allow them to soar • I dance like a worshiper to my own sins To the hate, This ain’t fate; It’s a mistake • All she ever lacked was attention From her mind, to her true…


The kindness stumbles, Rows away Gentle women stutter, And hide their ways Boys raised to be strong, Never to cry Although we’re all raised to long, So we all crave the cake


I see You Untethered soul Graceful body I see your pleasuring pain I see you mouth words you think you’ve mastered I stare In the mirror


tear my heart from my body rip it apart I dare You You’ve already done it once and You decided to put it back the wound is fresh so nows the time to go right ahead This time I’m prepared

Who to love

I want to be adored By everyone except myself I wish to be happy But right now I will cry I will go far First I’ll procrastinate I’m stUcK In fear and struggle To accept Myself


People are art Each painting crafted from complexity Each painting compared against another Most wishing their layers away Hoping to become something simpler Something a critic could understand Something likable Something unbroken But no camera can capture the beauty of our art Keep your layers


Do you love me Or have you mastered your disguise Do you hate me Or do simply dislike yourself I’ll forgive you Yet I’ll remember for eternity The way you left me red and broke I’ve altered the pain you cast upon me to create some beautiful things Beautiful words in a delicate order Have…


The moon casts a blue shadow upon my home My heart thumps on the kitchen table Love haunts the living room The boy lays on the heater He smiles


The sun carries me I’ve lost my sun She abandoned me


Stress swallows my being Time is slipping Times been ticking You wish for me to become your beautiful silent wife

Love Me

Love drips and drops it flops and hops love hates and ignores love dances and screams love messes us up mentally love is my everything love is my shield that protects me from what’s lacking. please love me


A sin is a story told many timesA sin is a lover walking the line A sin is a silent artistA sin is exclaiming when largest A sin is to never escapeA sin is to forget your own cape A sin is the truthA sin lies with Ruth(BG) A sin is to hate mother and…


A little bit sexy A little bit criminal A little bit spicy A little bit minimal A little of me A little of you A little but Rih A little bit blue A lot of smiles Too many aisles Some on the stairs Yelling ‘no fair!’ The highs and lows The highlights on mondays And…

Love Letter

I cherish your smell. I admire your genuine disposition. I love your eyes, And your body as you dance I love your particular intelligence I love you from head to toe From the heart on your sleeve to the heart in your chest To your mind To your lips as you pronounce I accept every…

My Tree

Family is forever Family runs through our veins Or the tip of our fingers We are bound together by something greater than contracts or bands Family is unconditional love Family is always there In our minds Or a physical presence We don’t always decide our family Yet we define eachother Family is unique and complicated…


I’m glad you came into my life. You came into my life to teach me about myself. To teach me to love myself before anyone else. You wish you have me, but no one owns me. Thrive off of hatred and pain, tell yourself the opposite. Those who try to put us down are our…