When it’s empty no one can judge. We sit behind our doors and watch through the windows. Someone splashes in the puddles of felicity. We sit on porch swings and sing lullabies to the fireflies. Glittering the night. It is only here where we reach a sanguine reality.


You watch me. With those eyes. Your eyes peer through. You see inside. Or maybe behind. On the other side. Where people melt and hide. In longing for a lover.


Strips my vision. Filling it with ego. Telling me in a whisper. I am just a body. Of which my soul inhabits. I am in a race. You may never win. I rest at the finish line. Awaiting a battle.


When sunlight hit, warmth filled the air and in each breath, I would release my anger For my heartbeat quickened and my hands shook Yet I knew better than to grab you or yell

Love at First Sight

If you fall in love with her golden locks and my golden eyes Never forget what lies inside


As if I do not remember how in the womb you held me.Because your thoughts are engraved in my mindAnd I will never forget your voiceOr your eyesOr your smileI will never forget your temperEven when you are too frailand gentleTo pronounce words in a disturbing mannerAnd I will never forget your conversation For you…


I have no idea what I am meant to do With all this love And compassion It bloomed and it died Turned into embers Over and over again Now all I am is broken The passion persists and love is all I miss

February in Jerusalem

Cold skin cannot fathom warmth and burning skin does not remember chilly days I sit by the fire Imagining sun rays tickling my skin I crave hot breath on my fingers


Something in my soul is hungry and jaded I cannot say I know what I need I hope I am the solution


Tell me those words So I will be able to exist In a fairytale reality and ignore my darkness


When all my walls are crumbling and distant, I reach for the clouds and kiss  nature goodnight. I tell myself I am strong. But words have no power over me.