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Month: March 2022

Go on

to your final home,

your paradise.

Where you will live

with your heart

as open

as your eyes;

you define you.

I live

to live.

I etched my fears into my dreams

and then removed the stitches.

Still, they were still there.

I will not unravel you

and never

will you fall to me.

For if your eyes are not

for me,

how can I forgive you?

The Negev sun

is brighter

behind my eyes.

Multiplied by the

strength of my love.

Return to me

and I will return to you.

How does the night love you?

When eyes remember eyes

they have forgotten,

my tail grows

longer and softer.

Golden Rome

where we go,

peeling ourselves away 

from our ordinary lives

becoming storytellers

in one week

I wipe my eyes

My tears

-they fall to you.

I am home

I witnessed my family

return to me

for years

every day,

coming home with

patterned gold

embedded across their hands.

תכף נכתוב את הסיפור שלנו
‏לסיפור יש הרבה להגיד
‏ ‏הארמון בלי אנשים
הארמון נשבר

The sun builds

from the bottom of the moon.

Its claws

stretch the night

stars open.

Beams of light echo

until the moon comes to gather

the light.


and the me I never was

deny you

deny you


will always deny

my lust for you

An unfinished poem

is my gift to you

I feel your

heart beating

in mine.



until it stops.

A beating heart never stops.

Those who

only stay

for the setting,

their hands

pressed to the cusp of

the moon.

You are not alone

in all of your


The nighttime


The nighttime sun rises.

I wrote


goodbye letter

as a love letter

and you leaving

was Hashem’s wish.

Where do you


Where do you go?

I will love you


I will love me


Pictures of perfect love

placed in pretty places

and on vanities,

but lust is

a private thing.