You think I write for him

I write from pain  In my heart Sleeping there soundly I write from depression  And anxiety Swallowing my day I write from a sad young human Screaming in my head Most of all, I write for the memories that haunt me I write with everything in my soul I write for me

Broken Homes

We’ve got puzzle piece souls We’re broken That’s why we fit together so well

Never wake me up

I’m dreaming, Mind stretched over the cloud Feet can’t hold me down Touching the honey ocean With my bare toes Reaching for the swollen sky


Moments like these when I’m raw Dripping with tears You should hold me


I replay us in my mind And when I feel we’ve gotten distant I answer your calls I can’t stop smiling


To know someone so well and love them so much Is a different type of infatuation

Addicted to You

I wiped my hands of you All golden and blue Melancholy, Tears didn’t fall

Canvas Skin

You made me feel like we were art And even though we’re trying to forget, You carry a piece of me And I, a piece of you


Cracked gems Crying in the river Heat radiating From my cheeks, I glow. Brown eyed, I’ve got big love for you. Like a mother and father When  My mother and father  cannot deliver Rosy lips I grow  I grow I grow like trees I fear I fear like an animal in the night Powerless, But…

To the Lonely ones

Silence Is terrifying Compared to the chaos of loud. Silence consumes the air around me, Unable to breath. Not because it’s lonely Well, sometimes it is. But because it leaves me unknowing, An unknowing sort of fear.