Wind Beast

Howl like a creature With air as wings Press against the door Release yourself to fear


I cannot go numb I must not fall victim to the static

Cherry Blossoms

I lust for cherry kisses to drink golden milk from the earth you taunt me  and how I ache

Hesitation of Self

I doubt I know love. To recognize its existence. An unmade bed ponders you. Unfinished stanzas sit on the stairs. Next to me, who wishes to be anything else.

Dear Mother,

Time is an eclipse that holds us in its grasp Intermingling, it transpires Yet we delay We cherish our mothers and brothers  and speak love to the trees to the sun to our ancestors All this love was birthed by you.

Rose Sheets

Mirrors blind the view A trick of distortion and nakedness Allowing the words to melt in my lips Watching you tremble


I withdrew with what was left of meCarrying fragmental sentences and embers of anguish A whispered love welcomed me once more