Speaking to you

I do not hear you and

you do not hear me

We fly past one another

that is our loss

Love I lose from losing you

is found again and again

in the back of the house of prayer

saved for after the prayers end

when we have come to love again

A bridge to the soul’s shadow

crosses your path

one thousand times

and each time

I become

more without

The book that is holy

is on a shelf next to

my mother and her mother’s

The book becomes my


I write love poems in it’s memory

they glisten

and they praise

How might my ghost find it?

Many years in exile with a smile and a hope

Across bridges and journeys long


It seems

I was here once

Sometimes I forget Your name

it comes to me as You close Your eyes

I am aching to know

the difference between pride and shame

why there barely is

and yet it seems so wide

I am with angels who mourn

the full heart desires

Watching over a land

across the sea from Jerusalem

We pray in that direction

next year year I will return

In a world made so full

one must remember

the taste of silence

For that is the creator’s

first love

Most days I find it

in the chest beneath my heart


and always there

Where is your smile?



You are with me when I smile

You are with me when I cry

You are with me when I do not believe

You are with me when I believe

You are with me when I am alone

You are with me when I speak to You