How does hope create us?

In the beginning of my life

and at the end of it,

I always will search for the

spaces where love grows.

What holds you?

The sound of crying

has no affect on me,

but bring me two lovers

and I am struck with the pain

of all my past lives.

I will be a reminder

to the ones not here.

I simply walk without

you, hoping.

Thank you


for I am here.

For your love

and your blessings

I am eternally grateful.



We do not search,

it comes.

At the moment it’s meant for,

it arrives-open,

and it stays as long as it

it must.

Your lover has wounds

and his wounds

are yours.

A poem written to the past

is a poem for here.

What is a people?

Through my body and yours;

our children

and our parents

hold the fabric 

of our culture

in their soft and longing hands.

Guide Us

Guide Us

When we close our eyes

and the road twists itself

in ways that we cannot comprehend,

we find ourselves

without knowledge of the direction

we are going.

Why I Choose to Leave

Why I Choose to Leave

Before I go,

I am always

reminded of why I

should stay.

Night here is quiet,

and reminds me of a place

I never will know.

I remember the night

where I am going,

the softness of the stars

and the fullness in the air.

When love chooses

the arms of my soul

in a hug.

To be cherished

is to cherish our selves.



?‏כמה פעמים לא הבנתי מה ‏המשמעות הייתה

.‏הגעתי לשמיים אתמול

.‏אני בבית

You are the one I

prayed for, and Hashem heard my

dream: my love for you.



.‏יש ‏כאן שלום

.‏שלום‏ שאני אף פעם לא נפגשתי בארץ אחרת

.‏כאן בעיר אנחנו חיים

.‏כאן בארץ הנשמה שלי שלמה

The one who birthed us

lives in the breath of our children.

Our past and our future

are the images beyond and beneath

our present.