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Month: May 2022

The new mother has nowhere to run.

And she is a new mother,

this is her first moment of motherhood.

Before the child.

In between separate births

of herself and her child,

before conviction.

How can I

be yours

and mine?

All my heart

is a dedication

to my soul.

If you take my stories,

I will be blind.

The cause of my suffering

is the cause

of my attraction.

I love you every day.

I love the looseness of your smile and

how gentle you are, you hold

yourself as your mother did.

I think we do not understand

who the other one is

without the shadow

of our selves

on our perceptions.

Still, I forgive you

and I forgive me.

We are less without

our shadows.

Where do you fly to

on the night of my death?

Without reason

and without understanding,

some may release themselves

at my funeral.

They will accept

that all we know

we find when

looking inward.

In the wall’s shadow

I open up.

My soul with its

pains and treasures.

I do not know of

how far time runs.

If we were without

would you be here?

Would I hide from 

the truth, or

carry it with me?

I hold myself

up to the light

with my hardened spine.

Against you

or against us?

If I left the shadows

why does it hurt as it does?

My shadow is my friend

and the one

who watches me.

You are my only home

I hope I will always know You

and be able to return.

As the one in

me approaches me,

and I forget to thank her.

Timidity is no

excuse for


I began a pattern

of denial

and escapism

of the now-and still

with the hope to be

everything I ever was

without facing myself.

Your heart

is not my heart.

It is the shadow behind my tears

which prompts your



the one I search for in you.

Yet you are here

and reaching across

as the sun falls

and temptation


I fall waiting for you

as you close me out.

What is love unbound

and stripped of desire?

By releasing you,

I make the world real.