I’ve always felt lonely Surrounded by people I’m too deep within my thoughts To be here in this moment


Something about turning into a different me Something about the feelings inside Something about all my memories Something about the way words float around me Something so lovely, so lonely


Thoughts in the head Need space to disperse

Everybody Needs

You are cut out for more than Soft waves and being liked You deserve the most Smiles may light up your day, That’ll be enough And you deserve everything else Your worth may only be measured by one trait Yet I’ll stand here and recognize everything

Soul Search

I would decorate my skin In order to hide flaws Now I emphasize them To enhance my beauty I’m stuck in a mirrored world Yet they don’t see me

Pretty like Red

I’m terrified. It’s tearing at my insides. Love is like this, The feeling haunts me.


Ever gone reaching? Grasping? And your arm is too short. Or your muscles are too weak. And something stands in the way.


I worked on words for a living Starting before the age of seven It took parts of me away Crafted an artist in my soul


Fluttering with butterfly wings Across balconies and rivers Aching to float away Hurting to feel okay


Who am I to pronounce feelings which belong in you? We remain unalike, Unseparate Who am I?

When beauty is ugly

Dripping like gold next to my chin leaving a scar on my left ear Red and bruised Heat radiated Then seeped into my flesh


Electric waves Thunderstorms On mount Fuji Iced fruits alongside boiling tea All wrapped in plastic Dancing in train stations While crying in temples


She danced in every poem Cried in every second She loved every second But she could barely breathe


I liked you so badly How your eyes would smile at mine But your eyes were too handsome It drove me wild Too intoxicating Fluffy and depressed Is how I felt

Candy Sky

The sky looks beautiful tonight She reflects everything I hold Rose and Cobalt

It’s coming

Running wild Cutting ties Breaking bones that used to cradle my soul Focusing on the sweetness in the roses Yet he’s behind me and he’s pulled me in too far So all I’m able to do is stare into is his eyes


How does love caress your skin? Does love dance from side to side and swiftly bump into you in the ballroom beneath the quiet light of an ancient chandelier so purposefully, so graceful? Or does the feeling haunt you? Does it ache inside of your shivering bones in the night?

A little more Love.

I want to do for myself Not for girls Not for boys Not for parents or for strangers Not even my favorites Because I will now begin assigning more love to myself More care Genuine and appreciative Fully internal


Can I place my emotions into my words? Is that my talent? Or is it a technique using patterns, during all times scattered?

tastes like color

green ballet shoes placed under my toes I wondered if you’d fit you did