To my daughter,

My wounds will encompass your soul yet, Slowly you’ll evacuate. You’ll detach from me as an untethered soul, A heart waiting to be broken Aching to feel something, to have your own wounds to place band-aids on. To pass to your own child To laugh, to smile or cry We’ve felt it all We pass…


a swan, she danced beside  fluorescent shadows all she ever wanted was love she craved for adoration from everyone who breathed 

Cherry and Lemons

I deserve a love that feels like music against my ears Not filling my heart with unease You’ll fill me with sweetness You’ll place me on a pedestal despite my outward layers, You’ll love me You’ll love me completely, Unconditionally and Infinitely Even after I’ve cracked your heart open, Took a look inside and said…

Red Roses

I am a flower I’ll allow you to pick You can smell me and caress me Please don’t tear me from the ground


She drifted as lost as the river and thunder And broke us in her beauty She felt pain deeper than knives that could cut through bones She felt it across her heart So she wore it on her face Yet what saved her Was the people around her who helped her rise She was an…


She cast a shadow upon six hearts They broke in fragments and reflected upon the walls They danced like devils in the mirror All distorted and aching for love


The same words stretch until they’ve almost been broken They are overused like umbrella’s in the rain They roll from our tongues like a heartbeat And our words, They come alive into our actions They replay in our minds until they spill from our mouths like spit Words are everything, Until there’s nothing left.


I’m the tip of a log All that’s left The wood has been shattered I drift with no meaning and no purpose Highs and lows But nothing permanent I’m with the wind As it drags me along I’m a surface level beauty That leaves shards of glass on her windowsill when she jumps out I…


I crave the beauty that reaches from your silent mouth Fills the air like raindrops And stutters out How you walk, fit for a queen Seems like news to me And today you’re humming a different melody, Today you’re singing an original Today you’re dancing without your radio And you’ve never looked more beautiful

Empty Days

I wish I wish I wish Upon a star Upon my heart I wish for love to fill my cup On these nights when my computer screen Sheds the only light When all I can do is reach for the sky or the ground As you drift by When hate smears anger across my face…