Angels in Blue

I carry the ink which carries me to unknown lands. And while I condemn violence, I shot a gun. Five bullets, missed him. It is a dangerous concept, this pedestal. The height, and then the sinking. With nobody to unravel you. Save the blue angels who always watch.

The Becoming of Two

I met two in the mirror One was the me I know but she was a ghost She looked beyond me as I watched her and realized she is my body and I am her soul

Do You Feel My Presence?

Night removes something from me. She gives but steals too much. When I become one with the night, and whilst I stare inside the moon, it feels like staring into you. Do you watch her too?

Inner Child

I am not so abstract. I wear distinct personas for a night like I wear this smile. Pretending to be anybody else. To forget the child within me.


I am not like the wind. I am not made of spirits, the angels. I know nothing. Your eyes are the eyes of a cat. Eyes make me soft. They bear a knowingness.


Awaiting a wanting. A need. This desire for a golden soul and a lover who speaks my name like it is gold. While I miss my homeland. Or maybe you will take me back, and watch me cry as my feet and eyes and soul reunite with Jerusalem.

For those left behind

Longing lasts more than love A fantasy which outweighs myself whispers to the forgotten egos of everything I am not