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Month: April 2022

Why not love

with all

my heart?

Love my neighbor

as myself.

Why not love

with all

my might?

Love my family

as myself.

Why not love

with all

my patience?

Love my lover

as myself.

I write

a poem every day

unblocking myself from my self.

To be here is to be open.

To the place

no one comes

or goes,

I still search 

in your abyss 

for my content


To feel your worship;

my past mastery of love.

Forget the good,

forget yourself.

Leave it all

to Hashem.

Why did seeing the face

behind your face

surprise me?

I believe you

are my enemy’s


If your love

is my love,

take the hazel

and take the blue.

Come to the land

where trust

is true.

You are

not made

without handprints

and fingerprints

left to keep

your skin

your own.