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Month: April 2023

We belong to ourselves

as in our souls and our bodies are meant for each other until they are not.

To long for a land 

is not like longing for a person.

She will wait for you.

Contentment we cannot chase

for when it has arrived it is here

and when it leaves it is not.

I am but dust and ash

and I have a universe within me

The universe is of dust and ash and us.

We are mere parts. together we are whole.

To need someone is to be with them.

Where does the water flow from

to this small place-or

does it arrive by your hands?

אין הסבר לירידה

לעזוב את ביתי

אני לא יכולה להשיג

(There is no explanation to the descent

To leave my home

I cannot achieve.)

החלום יצטרך לצמצם את עצמו

אם תחיו בלעדיו 

(The dream will need to contract itself 

if you live without it.)

כשנדבר על אכזבה

לא נסכים.

גרסת האכזבה שלך

אולי היא חלומי

(When we speak about disappointment

we will not agree.

Your version of disappointment

may be my dream.)

I told the stories;

I would be one place.

The one becomes two and multiplies.

Too many destinations

is the absence of a true home.

Does one pick their clothing

or choose how to answer

on the basis of perception?

I attached the meaning of silence

to the ability to be.

When your hiding place

is hidden from you.

You are not to be feared. Only losing you.

You are the alternative to my prior addiction.

You are how I avoid my shadow.