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Month: May 2023

יותר חזק בארץ שלנו

מלהיות לבד

אך לבד חיינו.

הכי רחוק ממני

חי בתוכי.

איך יכול להיות

שהלב לא


מופשט עד הסוף.

אין שחור בלי לבן.

דרך ארוכה

הביתה בלי


The more I float within your home

the more I become like the walls.

And I adore the colors but not shape is not mine.

הגבול לא מופיע

בגדר של נשים.

כי לנשום רק את הריח שלה

כמו לשכוח את הנשמה.

When ignorance is


It is the softness of peace.

Lack of violence

lack of stress.

The Entrance to My Home

The Entrance to My Home


airy and singing come in.

Within the home

a futon bed,

lullaby flowers,

sheets of poetry and prayer adorn the walls.

The smell is of life

and embraced change.

Built on and building towards.

Without fear.

On the tallest hill.

And how pure is progress without fear?

Borderless like stars

whose light has no end.

And whose years can

be measured differently

by the distance.

You fell on your hands

like a waterfall who feeds itself

until it cannot.

There is no limit.

For I chase it without regard

-and I picture exhaustion

as the worst and best room.

Two walls and no roof,

no past, no future.

Only me here

with my exhaustion.

Your beauty is like the sun and moon;

you are brighter when closer to your lover.

Intoxication in fatigue

and clarity in hunger.

Until a single cry

we are all silent.