I am split in half Peeling to the walls Waiting in this frozen fire to be pulled from the flames

Without You

I feel as if my soul was stolen or fragmented When you left I felt you took pieces of me away

The Homeland

Take me back to Zion Where the Kotel filled with prayers, stands Take me to our homeland  Take me close to G-d and please let her hear this prayer

Sleep Walking

It is time to wake. To remove the vision of a place where only I can go. To barely escape. To leave behind the hazy nothingness of my subconscious. To open my eyes and find it.

A Being

To be one In the night and when I wake

Spring in Jerusalem

It lies there in your shapes and lines and hues. It is obscure how they join to become an elegant portrait like yourself. In the background my angels feud for who will keep more of me. I sneak and hide and cry usually. Because of my conscience. Because of every burden. I wish only to…


There is danger among here I cannot go a day without my heart being stolen and when it is returned to me it is worn and defeated, and I wonder for an instant if this shattered heart is worth wearing anymore.