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Month: June 2023

Wandering forty years

around our destination.

Forty years

it takes to trust.

How far would you walk

away from your self

in order to be

one with Hashem?

I am not the only one afraid.

I saw once

in the eyes of an animal

what it means to be here.

Building slowly

each detail is intentional.

Waiting for you is a slow process.

How far does silence take us?

No reason to smile.

Internal battle and they do not read minds.

Each in their own way.

Leaving and returning.

But the soul is always

leading us home.

I came to tell you how much I love you.

I stayed because I do

and I will leave because I do.

To have two homes

and be placed always between them

is to have no home at all.

Loosening our grip.

Being without roots

is freeing but leaves us 


My whole life

I am divided into two places,

two families

and two ideas.

It is when I am with You

I am reunited

as one.

אחרי כל חיי

הגעתי לחיים אחרים

כאשר רצתי אליך

פתחת לי את השערים.

(After my whole life

I arrived to a different one

When I ran to You

You opened the gates to me.