Pray and Pray and Pray

I must build a home in my heart With windows for sunlight Build a home, Where it hurts While building myself a home, I realize there are diamonds in my heart There is beauty and ability More stability than I have ever seen Everything is up to me

Coming Home

I find myself here too often It is a place Living in my heart Creeping in to every thought

Wild Beast

I am a fragile graceful being Strength holds my hand Love pours from my lips My eyes see beauty everywhere they look

I will build a home in my heart

I look into your eyes, and my heart jumps from my chest and into your palms and your eyes and your smile they hold medicine to my pain That I will not find anywhere else Except for in my own heart


There is thunder downstairs It sounds terrifying. I hope when I have a home of my there is peace. These walls provide a sanctuary For now.


I feel fragile as if I may break I missed the sunset today honey shield I place over my swollen body I created a boundary and no one may break it except for my Mother She understands I feel fragile today

I’ll see you in my dreams

Do you know how many times I vowed I would give you up? that I wouldn’t need your love to feel I was enough? Like an addiction, I relapse. All I am left with Is my burning love for you And each time I know you are nearby, I feel shivers down my spine and…


I will write and write Until my hands fall off And my mouth cannot move anymore to spill words from my tongue


I am hungry for something more.


I share my love  I’ve got so much to give Yet I must leave enough for myself


To those who’ve ever wished that they could feel nothing at all That they could fall against the pavement and no tears would fall That they could see their scrapes and bruises and they wouldn’t have to care To those who’ve ever wished numbness on themselves I understand The pain is too much It becomes…

My Hardest Goodbye

This is my goodbye Yes, I have decided I will not turn back  For you Or the feelings inside  Or for the thoughts that override This is a goodbye to looking you in the eyes  Actually, I want one more time  To feel your arms To see your smile To look in your blue oceans…

A day at a time

Monday I leave father’s house Tuesday I visit my mother and brothers Wednesday I go to father again Thursday I’m far away, past the reservoir Friday I go back to mothers house Saturday mother takes me to the market Sunday I sit alone in my room

Of my words

You may take what you like and leave the rest. For another day. I have much to say. When your mindset is different, listen.


Our love was intoxicating It burned in my throat and whole body That’s why I left You couldn’t understand How your presence affected mine

In my prayers

I wish for my poetry to be painted on the walls I wish for my confidence to grow I wish for my family to love one another

Good night

Eyes flutter Frequently Discomfort is invalid here Skin feels too tight and eyes shut

Falling out of love

My love for you is growing weaker My love is becoming less blind I see you now for who you are All shadows coming to light