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Month: November 2017



A burst of colors decorate the sky

And my eyes are your mirrors

Watching different shapes fly

I like how in this dark, I can still see clearer


I lay on my blanket

I let the darkness swallow me

I want to be alone

But I hear the noise follow me


How far away the bright lights seem

My life is just a string of moments

And one very big dream

And these fireworks are my biggest proponent


A Couplet

A Couplet

I was a reddened flower

You say I’m now a tower


I’m looking for all of your stories

Throughout my own phases


You were the women who held me

Now I’m learning to see


I write tiny stories and hang them on your wall

You stare at them and hope that I won’t fall


I am made of a string of memories

That you have painted on me


You’ve brought me and two other people I love into this world

Now It’s my turn to be bold


I live in many houses

But yours is my main home


I remember the day I wanted to roam so

I begged you to make me a little brother


Beach Tercet

Beach Tercet

Soft sandy silky swimming

Bathing suits all twinning

Finding faraway buoys


Growing up on this gorgeous beach

People all wanting seats

Racing up and down with speed


The blue and black blankness

As waves swallow each other

And footprints wash away


I lay my lightness and it all fades today

Wanting us to stay

Living like a phase


Sun shines and shimmers

Suffocates me in sudden warmth

This is my beautiful beach


Little Girl

Little Girl

Please hide behind your Little sweater

Laugh. Don’t cry

he’ll like you better

Find your place and don’t  budge

Be yourself

But don’t be like them


I call myself the Little feather

Colorful but never better


I try to write my stories

I have a complicated life but

That doesn’t make me special.