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Month: July 2019



My magnet found you, pulling you in

We’re far apart right now,

living in each other’s dreams

My favorite secret

Is how much I love you,

how much I crave you

how much I need you



Pronouncing wispy fairy tales
Towards the person in the mirror
They’re younger than you
Softer eyes and a gentler voice

She’s sad and broken
Simple as can be
Stone cold, heartless
Is all she lets you see

Hurt as a child
Now she’s striving to feel free
Misery Part 1

Misery Part 1

If faded nights
Took a kiss goodbye

I’d send them with a bag of tears

I’d hold your hand on a different night

I’m busy healing
As we speak



Beneath my chest
all my desires lay
They wish to walk away,
Float out my mouth
I keep them in

And I know I hurt myself by overthinking
But you are everything
And I didn’t let you in

So you remain alive in my memories

You’re all I see



Young love

Is a pain to me

A forgotten man’s fantasy

People filled with love, enough to fill their cup.

I ponder and anticipate

I worry, forgetting to appreciate



I despise sitting in melancholy forests

The different shades of green

All clinging to each other

They grew off one another

And I remain unsure of what I desire

So I despise

pretty little fears

pretty little fears

My cheeks are stained
I want to cry
More than young ones
Want to fly
I don’t wish to feel numb
I like to feel
Sometimes it hurts to feel
But pain invites me

Sits on my doorstep
Won’t let me leave without it



Many crows

Whistled from my lips

Blew from my mouth

No, flew from my mouth

They drifted away

Towards the sky

Moonlight caught them with one eye

I peered over the hollow trees,

Bark and all

As they spread their wings

And fluttered into the night