People will see me I see me I have nowhere to hide I am withering away But they watch me still I cannot go on


Time moves differently here I am stiff and silent and I float through the walls My brains gone numb by the television

Teach Me

I do not know How I can be enough There are rules to being human and lessons to learn Be my teacher


I want nothing to do with men They are cruel creatures Yet you call my name Announcing us as one


I will long for my homelandUntil I come back In the diaspora,It is uneven and unholy. All I long for is Jerusalem.


It is discomforting for me  To even imagine you How far away you live Yet remain to haunt me

While I Compose

If everything will be oblivion It may be now I bloom a beautiful thought I fulfill my purpose

Note To Self

Nothing can fix the brokenness That I hold I carry it every single day And that is okay Because we are all broken or will be someday


My entire universe collapsed Then rose That which never changed is how much I love you With my full soul