Both eyes stretched open After dark I am crowded here in solitary pain All I desire Is a distant thought For I have no choice But Be here

Misery Part 2

It is etched into  My swollen heart I shrink myself overcome with discomfort

To be in Love

Devote oneself Forget oneself All in selfish reasoning


Steals all honesty from my lick Transforms each moment to a code  Every pupil of significance Has a care in this moment

I am her

Be gentle With her She is hurting


Masked with delusions  Am I growing? Am I shrinking? Where have I gone? Empty mouthed, Words have escaped me


When your sins Come pouring  From the rooftops  You will collapse  With them


Of distractions  They cradle the pain, Put it to sleep


I am afraid of what I hold The chaos it may cause I feel so much pain in my body Resting beneath my eyes This moment does not want me I crave to exist with ease

Human Nature

I crave that which falls from my grasp Unable to obtain, I lust When it is in my arms, I forget the desire I only covet that which I do not possess and when given this precious thing, I may be utterly unable to appreciate