We have ourselves.

And within us we have

those resting

so quietly,

we do not hear them.

It is in their hands.

If there was only one person 

you could find, would you choose 

your lover or your child?

The limit pushes upon itself. We are not our choice but the choice of our Creator. I am in the process of remembering my purpose.

Between us

it is not the same.

There is both love and its contrary

but without love, nothing else

can exist.

There is no without.

If we believe we lack,

it is only a misunderstanding

of what is meant for us.

Even without is not without.

You can only know now.

The strongest one is not the biggest.

The wisest one is not the loudest.

The most content one is not the happiest.

אכתוב לך הכל.

הסיפור הארוך שלא מפסיק להמשיך למרות

החושך או האור.