All that we have is

Because of you


Created throughout a string of days, and now

Designated to follow your rules


Even though we all battle through our beliefs

Fighting isn’t the road to peace, no matter how close it seems


Girls and Boys were born at your fingertips

Heaven seems so far away because you’ve offered seven billion beautiful distractions


In the night, you didn’t rest for six heavy days

Just for us

Kids continue to grow in peace



Makes us powerful


Now we stand here,

On our feet



Quiet and the empty reflect a solitary

Resisted by joy


So we can thank you for that,

To giving us everything, and I hope you


Very, very much that our gratitude will never contract to a size any lesser than

What it is now, and the


You’ve granted us with,

Zap us with enough joy and gratitude to surround our sadness and give us warmth like a blanket

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