Their Words

Their Words

Their words
They feel like gunshots on my weak spots
Like chains
Locking me away
From that little part of me, that just wants to be free

I just want to scream their words are like bombs on our cities
Their tongues like knives, stabbing into our souls
Each And every word
Takes a little part of me away
Taking and taking
Leaving scars and bad memories
Cuffing me
I just want to scream
I don’t know who I am anymore
Their words have found me lost
Their words are trapping me
I’m afraid that when it’s time to pick teams
I’ll be picked last
Trying and trying to fit in
Their words are like boulders during an avalanche
Tumbling and tumbling onto me

I just want to scream
I want them to hear
My pain
To understand
That their words
Are tearing me apart
They don’t know how many
Nights I’ve had to cry myself to sleep

Their words are keeping me in chains
I try
I just can’t let go
I don’t have enough strength, to let go
I scream, and I will cry.
I know that they like watching worlds crumble
I guess it satisfies
But really why?

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