Please Don’t Break

Please Don’t Break

I was three
He was my daddy
And she was mommy
And i thought there hearts were forever stitched together
And just maybe,
The thread wouldn’t break

He said he was going somewhere else
An apartment
Just across the street
I’d see him less
Less, but enough
he said

And she,
She was hurting
They both were broken
I thought that I could fix the thread

Please don’t break

Maybe i was too young?
Too dumb?
To stitch two hearts back together

Please Don’t break

I know
I was only three
Hadn’t seen this world enough

maybe broken souls are too often in this mankind
And thread just isn’t thick enough

Please don’t break

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Break

    1. Me, too! It is so hard to watch people you love suffer and feel helpless to stop it. That, though, is the sign of a big heart.

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