Lonely Orphan

Lonely Orphan

Hating without knowing
Loving without thinking
Feeling without saying

Our fingers will always be intertwined
And when you
Can’t Reach my hand
I’ll find yours
Because I’ve lived long enough
I can see through the darkness
when you can’t

Her eyes are too puffy
And her face is too red
They see her
She looks lonely,
but Ok
They never will know how she ended
Because they just couldn’t look deep enough into her eyes and see that that missing puzzle piece,
Was them
All they needed to do
Was to hate a little lighter
Love a little deeper
Feel a little louder
But they stood there,
Watching a life crumble
Because there fingers weren’t interlaced
And their hearts weren’t there
Her only lullaby
A champagne bubble laughter filling empty rooms
And silent screams never heard
Ice cream, and late night bike rides were just lost fairy tales
She couldn’t even imagine these things
What it was like,
To go home, and for them to be there
Just someone standing there, asking her “how was your day?”
Maybe if more people had hearts
More people could feel
She’d wouldn’t have let go

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