Your eyes can’t lie

Your eyes can’t lie
And when she smiles
You can see it in her eyes
Filled with frowns
A broken heart
A lost story
Carried through the wind
A shadow cast in the sky
A scar left behind
Buried beneath the cold earth
When stars can’t align
You’ll see it in her eyes
The twinkle gone
The cold air a little thicker
A little stiller
You can see right through her
Her soul is too empty
She needs a hand to hold
She thinks that she’s alone
Because we’re all too afraid to speak up
We sit there silently watching her drown
No one helps her out
We build walls of innocence around ourselves
And watch her world crumble through our glass windows
We live in a world of bystanders
A world of quitters
And fakers
And rumour makers
Because We all live in constant fear of being pushed down
We watch her eyes frown and just sit there
Pretending that her smile is real

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