My mother told me that pain goes away. I go to school and I go home. And the pain does not fade. Yes, things happen in between these two places. The pain persists no matter the occasion. I want to be okay.

Broken like me

I write for the broken ones Broken like me Fragile and strong Carrying scars You are the definition of beauty

Background Noise

I call myself  On his telephone And I cry No one knows me Nothing can hear me I am loud and silent simultaneously No one can hear me I can not hear myself Over the sound of everything else

Pray and Pray and Pray

I must build a home in my heart With windows for sunlight Build a home, Where it hurts While building myself a home, I realize there are diamonds in my heart There is beauty and ability More stability than I have ever seen Everything is up to me

Coming Home

I find myself here too often It is a place Living in my heart Creeping in to every thought

Wild Beast

I am a fragile graceful being Strength holds my hand Love pours from my lips My eyes see beauty everywhere they look

I will build a home in my heart

I look into your eyes, and my heart jumps from my chest and into your palms and your eyes and your smile they hold medicine to my pain That I will not find anywhere else Except for in my own heart


There is thunder downstairs It sounds terrifying. I hope when I have a home of my there is peace. These walls provide a sanctuary for now, Won’t anyone be kind?


I feel fragile as if I may break I missed the sunset today honey shield I place over my swollen body I created a boundary and no one may break it except for my Mother She understands I am changing I am learning I am growing and I feel fragile today

I’ll see you in my dreams

Do you know how many times I vowed I would give you up? that I wouldn’t need your love to feel I was enough? Like an addiction, I relapse. All I am left with Is my burning love for you And each time I know you are nearby, I feel shivers down my spine and…


I will write and write Until my hands fall off And my mouth cannot move anymore to spill words from my tongue