Eyes twinkling in golden moonlight Faucets of love pour upon the coarseness of her heart She wants it all The only light shed at night decorates her little body She belongs to the moon

Silences of Us

While winds whistle Air is parched of quietness and our mouths remain sealed Our silences speak for us


Dance with me  silly boy For you are not a man Yet 


I am scared of romance I am afraid to trust  My wounded soul needs loving My wounded heart craves lust


A single silver ring Cradles my thumb a distant cousin Of diamonds Who used to decorate my left hand They, the human  Who releases their belongings And accepts All they need to exist Is love


Both eyes stretched open After dark I am crowded here in solitary pain All I desire Is a distant thought For I have no choice But Be here

Misery Part 2

It is etched into  My swollen heart I shrink myself overcome with discomfort

To be in Love

Devote oneself Forget oneself All in selfish reasoning


Steals all honesty from my lick Transforms each moment to a code  Every pupil of significance Has a care in this moment

I am her

Be gentle With her She is hurting


Masked with delusions  Am I growing? Am I shrinking? Where have I gone? Empty mouthed, Words have escaped me