you have not looked over here since that day it is pathetic  how beauty persists yet attention fades


I jump from land to sea Precious hearts, Blind distress You say I have an issue With my head All the broken pieces Do not fit In my body anymore

In Your Dreams

Creamy clouds inexistent here Only shadowy dust of love and longing for the home we reminisce You closed doors on me when you realized I would never stay I understand and I apologize All I ask is we meet in your dreams


we become who we think they want


Open your heart to me Give your all to me and maybe you will receive a piece of me  in return

Identity Crisis

Eyes sit on the balcony Watching lights  and cars and the moon The eyes wonder why are they are where they are and why they are who they are


How unloved I feel Even with your arms clasped  around my body My eyes waited for yours Across the room Yet they never approached I continue waiting for your love


They all scream  I sit and cry I envisage in my dreams how they pry


If only I had been born  Like the rest of them Mindlessly wandering Light enough to soar If I had been born Into a seperate time, place, story Who might have I become?


I went swimming In your two blue eyes I still carry them with me My eyes continue fading Into the darkness The sun keeps forgetting To rise for us