Featured Poems of the Month

People send me so many good poems and I love reading all of them.  I choose one to share each month.

January Poem
by Amy A.

I remember.

A small girl playing with my dolls, hoping and dreaming of the day.
The day I had my own children.
This was always my purpose in life. To give life. To create life.
My greatest gifts, a little boy and a little girl.
My whole heart, living and breathing and walking the world. Apart.
Always so close to me. No distance between us.

My loves.

Years go by.

They grow bigger, stronger.
Eyes that once looked up to me, look past me.
They beat their wings in preparation. So close to soaring now.
I feel the loss of them. The loss of their need. The loss of their closeness.
Heart breaking, I stand still.

They push hard against the edge of this nest, ready to rise up on their own into the sky.

June Poem

By Marco Y.

It’s Too Much
It’s too much.
I can’t take it.

Everyone judging me.
Just because
I entertain myself
With a screen
A video game

Can’t you all stop?
It’s too much.
Why do you judge me?

In my eyes,
It’s a story.
That you unravel yourself.
That you experience yourself.

It’s too much.
Just stop.