I have turned this fire in my bones Into a fire filled soul I am a magic being I light up and I shine Shine Shine Brighter than the moon Brighter than the sun


Help She shouts With ringing ears and pockets full of nothing All she has is her heart Where pain resides And still all she can notice Is noise in her mind


Bruised creature Scars would be too much Yes, poked And squeezed And squished And too young Sad Creature Anger is no choice Pretty creature  You do not have a voice

Auto Pilot

It is a dangerous game  To live as an artist in a burnt world, To go around sleepwalking Unknowing of silence

Soft Love

My heart thumps I see clouds and angels Suddenly cupid strikes from above Now all I want is blue, Irresistible I have never seen thunder eyes like yours or been as hypnotized as I am When I am with you

Is this what you wanted?

His room Is now a storage space For blankets and dusty picture frames His room they say but it is not his. He has not been here in years They expected Him to fill their space with perfection, only to live in a bedroom That he hated So now, rather than a perfect boy a…


Every time I say I love myself I remember this love was once for you And I despise that I want it all back Pain takes my love away and gives it all to you

Moments of contentment

She asks why humans are never content I say I am sometimes It lasts for a fleeting moment In which I am full When it passes, I appreciate I live for those moments

Sweet yellow

Golden Golden like my eyes You are golden everywhere You give me golden butterflies We fly Golden into the sweet sky


A summer morning I am missing my mother and brother. I cry for help. I cry silently. I am missing pieces of my soul.