I am afraid of what I hold The chaos it may cause I fell so much pain in my body Resting beneath my eyes This moment does not want me I crave to exist with ease

Human Nature

I crave that which falls from my grasp Unable to obtain, I lust When it is in my arms, I forget the desire I only covet that which I do not possess and when given this precious thing, I may be utterly unable to appreciate

Honey Eyes

Your words sweet like honey Unlike your eyes Not honey like mine They were blue. an ocean, I fell into you Now I reminiscence And ponder how I Nearly drowned in your abyss


golden flames in your eyes glossy green in your eyes oceans in your eyes All where beauty resides

No Matter What

We barely touched But you touched me everywhere Caressing my soul I will carry us forever


Eye to eye You kiss me tenderly Never release me If I could hear your thoughts, What would they be?


Heartache runs rampant in your eyes Starring pain in my movie Release me As the sun collapses Specks of fire drip among us and light your eyes


I feel ashamed To admit I still love you I feel this ecstatic longing in my soul When I see you I crave you  Something of a distraction

Cry as I write

To seek understanding As the pen hits the paper We tell a lie or a truth But we whisper It becomes a mumble Unknown, cascading like starlight


Do not tell me to be happy Do not try and wipe my tears They will sting you too and you will disappear Instead why don’t you hold me? and remind me that you are here


The answers lie Somewhere beneath cushions where I rest And when my fingers dip into the soft Honey-like gold Of my heart, I spill tears, love and ashes  Across shiny floors In the ballroom I dance with my eyes I manipulate the sense of my neighbors I once slipped through the windows And fell two…

I come first

I lost faith in young love Now I guard my heart a little better maybe you saved me from approaching agony I will not fall easily again or trust someone undeserving I know to love myself