Your insults hurt Your insults stuck Your insults scarred Tell me what was the point Of giving me your pain Could you not hold all of it in your self That you had to give so much to me It still stings I know the pain you Gave. Me was not because Of my defects…


Saturated pink melts on a stove Homemade lipstick Smeared on her lips So ready to kiss Not ready to kiss Will she ever kiss Will she never kiss What’s the big deal?

Golden Souls

I drank italic words from her lips They dripped like tears down her chin I sang a song to him that night And I left him in fright All I’ve learned these past two weeks Is that the gold I see In the world Lays within my soul


Life is misery Life is an atrocious wave of red Life is short deep breaths Life is the sinners and the saints Life is hope Life is my name Life is peace Life is agua Life is angry Life is love Life is you Life is me Life is mother Life is the most beautiful

In My Feelings Pt.2

There’s more darkness here than light All like flashlights shining, so uneven So I write this by my lamp and it hurts the most to say I’m unable to know what I’m feeling

In My Feelings Pt.1

I know the feeling of incredible loneliness and the overwhelming noise of company I love them both So I can’t choose


It’s as if though the second I feel good, all of it becomes a devastating blur – and I was never diagnosed or said to have a solid reason but I went for the weight that felt to lift off my shoulders each time I left her door  


I had taken too much time for them But I needed more and as I searched through the aisles I realized I don’t need any of this To feel happiness It will only temporary fill my holes


I am in awe of you I never knew you until today but when I met you I remembered you from a dream I’ve heard many stories about you from my broken homes are you really here? can I really trust ? what do you look like?  


You are valid You are more valid then you have ever imagined Your words and emotions can be held as important in my hands and hang in the air so I can Hear you I see you I love you


It comes in many different forms It can strike anyone It’s not a sickness It’s  a state of mind that Twists And melts Away all happiness All security All self-love It’s not something that can be measured by a thermometer And you can never see Or feel what I’m feeling through an x-ray machine But…


I have an unopened truth for you I don’t know exactly why, But you could tell me a million times how beautiful i am and i never would believe you So i appreciate the love, but maybe just most people aren’t supposed to feel beautiful I know it’s not necessary To always  feel that way…