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Author: chaya


the one I search for in you.

Yet you are here

and reaching across

as the sun falls

and temptation


I fall waiting for you

as you close me out.

What is love unbound

and stripped of desire?

By releasing you,

I make the world real.

Will you live here

when it is empty?

Will you leave your

family for you future?

My fear

forgets the limit

to my pain.

Except loss,

I accept loss.

The knowledge

you reap from silence

is the knowledge

that grows

in the quiet of your soul.

No person



to their funeral.

To leave here

we must take all of


A sound, and it is gone.

What was my only lace

is now your gift.

Your sound rests

like silence.

Love-to keep loving

my hand in mine

is more than enough.

For the sake of falling

or for the sake of grace,

I will not.

I will risk love

only for You.

When I have not left myself,

and you rest on the edge.

The middle of me

blurs and I can

not remember

even my mother’s


Why not love

with all

my heart?

Love my neighbor

as myself.

Why not love

with all

my might?

Love my family

as myself.

Why not love

with all

my patience?

Love my lover

as myself.

I write

a poem every day

unblocking myself from my self.

To be here is to be open.