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Month: July 2023

In the dreams 

of ancestors 

we always were.

What is the cost of 

waking up from a dream

filled with despair?

The longer the road

the farther I have come.

The more worthwhile is the destination.

I heard they claimed

it was for for You

when we cut off each other’s hands.

Who knows

why we crave

some and not others.

Who knows who

belongs to you?

She is an abundance of love,

gentle and strong.

Who knows how far

she traveled to become?

A tear means release.

To build my self, the

core must unravel. I will 

face what hides within.

You and your mother

are not the same. Just your smile, 

nowhere else is she.

I want your beauty.

Giving others

the same love you could,

equal to a legacy.

Who allows us to speak with the shadows?

A child chasing a nightmare,

horror is the height of


A list of what

I could not say


my fear of belonging 

to another.