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Month: March 2023

I listen to You.

Within the gut of a still desire, I trust

You place me where I belong.



We are one people

within one much larger people

and we are all the same

and we are all different.

You are I

I am You.

We are beautiful and we guard ourselves.

In order to live.

I wish for you to love you. Until believing in Hashem is intuitive.

Because how could this universe be an accident,

and how could you not have a purpose?

The belief that comes from deep within is the same belief that allows me to know You and Your creations.

When Your day of peace exits

I have lost my second soul.

There is no way to placate the loss,

just wasting for her to return.

You fought and you are tired. Still, your beauty does not lessen and your kindness persists.

They see you from behind the curtain.

It is not a surprise or a falsehood.

It is only shame you will grow out of.

The borders are sometimes minute changes in light.

How do we define our neighbors from ourselves?

Why define when we are the same? 

The truest hope is faith.

You carry it in your pocket or 

on your face at its peak.

The sound has no affect on us in silence. I may ask many times for forgiveness, but only to be closer to You. My heart sings to You with tiny whispers, sometimes with cries.

I felt the pain of my past.

A heavy heart that carries more than I 

is not so far from me.

It is my choice of either living there and suffering

or being in this moment. 

The dream self did not choose to be dreamt of

but I had no choice except to think of her until she became me.

He imbued them with wisdom of the heart -Shemot

Sanctifying the profane is the

reunification of a people.

The distance between us when you fall is a cliff because we can not both be unconscious.

I hope for you to always feel at home.

Within yourself and within your country.

My mother will buy us a home on this hill,

lit by sun and surrounded by many green hills.

I want you to know that happiness is a home

with family and a garden,

something to hold close.

If life did not hold me

with the softest hug,

I would not wake up

until the beauty came back.