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Month: February 2023

How long ago

did you meet yourself?

Was it your birth,

or your leaving home?

How do we anticipate

one’s percentage of righteousness?

You hold it in a small place.

Within, within.

Always turning inwards

as if there is nowhere else to be.

A building which walks the field from your father’s home until its reckoning thinks not of desires, but dreams.

Who does she return to?

If not to a self that blooms in isolation,

she returns to the one she can not forget.

כמה זמן אתה מבלה בתוכך?

בין שמחה ובין אכזבה אין הבדל

כאשר אתה שם את הביטחון שלך מחוץ לידיו.

(How much time do you spend inside yourself?

There is no difference between happiness and disappointment

when you put your confidence outside of his hands.)

The opaque window sits upon its view.

It is the same when you fall asleep at your reunification.

תופעת האהבה כוללת נפילה

(The occurrence of love includes falling).

I listen with eyes that see the one who loves me. He who loves me does not see me sleeping, yet he understands the terror in my dreams.

I live within You. From dawn onwards, there is no fear greater than that of being hunted. Without order, there is only trust.

I cannot protect my mother or my mother’s child.

We are susceptible to dissociation.

I do not feel it, so it never arrives.

Who tells the song it is over?

How does it know to stop?

If I chase,

I will be bound to what is not mine.

Who is the hand holding mine?

In the shadow of summer, between winter and winter’s softer sibling,

I have no legs to carry the weight of rain upon ruptured umbrellas.

Your hand tells me I am not allowed to carry rain that has already fallen.

בבית אין חללים.

אין ריקנות,

.כל פינה מתמלאת

(In a home their are no voids.

There is no emptiness,

every corner is filled)

I could have gone in silence

from my home to the country that is my home.

It is a shame to be forgotten

but to be remembered is unnerving.

I am my father’s name and we are like the wind because we become and we become only stopping to worry we will return to where we came from.