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Month: December 2022

Between us

it is not the same.

There is both love and its contrary

but without love, nothing else

can exist.

There is no without.

If we believe we lack,

it is only a misunderstanding

of what is meant for us.

Even without is not without.

You can only know now.

The strongest one is not the biggest.

The wisest one is not the loudest.

The most content one is not the happiest.

אכתוב לך הכל.

הסיפור הארוך שלא מפסיק להמשיך למרות

החושך או האור.

We live in

the smallest of worlds.


your face is all faces.

Your soul lives

on every level,

and those always walking

are never found.

We sink in the loudest of nights, into ourselves. What does it mean to come home? How far is this journey?

How does one feel love without loving? I tried to understand your heart without becoming a lover. I tried to love without loving. 

How hollow it is to receive without giving. 

Your favorite love poem.

The one who speaks to you

through the silence of its lips

to the wholeness of your heart.

Characteristics of Our Species

Characteristics of Our Species

Those who fall in the shadow of their mother. I take all of my time in arriving. I love You as one loves their child, unconditionally and since the moment we met. But what is love in a factory? What is love from the inside of a cave? What is love when unrequited?

To love your Creator

is to love yourself.

To love your parents

is to love your Creator.

To love your children

is to love Hashem within all of us.