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Month: November 2022

Wherever your heart takes you.

From this land to your


From one language to many.

You will always be learning.

אין גבולות לעולם.

הבורא ברא אותנו בכוונה 

לבנות יער מלא.

מה זה מלא?

אין מלא 

במקומות ריקים.

הסיבה היא שאני עולה כל היום.

באיזה עיר הממלכה?

המדינה שלי לא תקיים בלעדי או בלעדיך.

I may wait

a lifetime to arrive.

The sound of a river

and the waves of one

do not resemble one

another as much

as I would like.

What is the difference 

between becoming 

and staying?

Becoming is not a place

and staying is not here.

As I grow,

I am more and more

alive here.

מאיפה הקול של האישה הראשונה?

כאשר הבורא ברא אותנו 

הוא חשב לעשות משהו מעניין.

There exist many versions of love.

The first one tells us to

love fearlessly and unconditionally.

The sun does not think before she rises.

She made a commitment

and therefore she rises

and sets daily

for and with her people.



‏להתאהב בהשם

.‏ זה להתאהב בעצמך

‏ויש עוד פרקים לסיפור

‏אבל כאן אני מגיעה

בלי ספק

.כל פעם

To fall in love with Hashem

is to fall in love with one’s self.

And there are more layers to the story.

But here I arrive.

Without a doubt.

Each time.

In the cold

trees grow more exposed

and daylight shrinks.

Yet the shortened moments

of sunlight and warmth

are loved as deeply

as ever.

Please tell me

your idea of love

but spread it over

the cover of a story

written and framed

for those of us to understand.

You have

the sun and the clouds

in your pocket.

Like a rainbow

which washes away itself

under the bridge

and away from the light.

To the parts of the sea

where color is needed.

Not only

the beauty in your smile.

If I was to open your body

soul would pour out

and fill the room with a spirit so alive

even the shadows might disappear.

My Father and my King

have one source

and one body.

The grace of my King

and the kindness of my Father

are reminders

not only to pray to You,

but also to love You.

I gave to the shadow beneath me

as a nurturer unaware of herself.

Please do not turn to the light

without sitting in the darkness

for some time.

How do I find You?

I have no words to describe the discovery,

it is a daily thing.

I am very familiar with the feeling of contentment within chaos.

You are my protector. If I have one heart it will break infinitely in Your presence. But the softness of love never stops, she wants to exist.

Come Home

Come Home

She has no inhibitions

when she enters

the neighborhood for the first time.

She remembers it like

a blind woman who remembers her sight;

it is everything she has imagined.

It is all that she has dreamt for.