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Month: September 2022

I have not an understanding of what is love

except the presence of You

and the warmth it builds inside of me.

I am

I am

Who did you choose

to lead the fight?

Why does your smile not resemble

your heart?

Where do you go

inside of yourself?

בזמן הזה של מראות

אין מישהו שיודע איך 

לראות את עצמו


When we speak

the same language

we find our similarities

and our differences

are weightless on the measure

of communication.

Meaning Without Answer

Meaning Without Answer

My mind has no limit

or worry.

When given a question, I think of the question

as the status of a broken person;

if you walk along a line for too long,

you will eventually choose to fall onto one side.

I bury my mind inside my mind.

I take myself out on picnics in order

to strengthen the child in me and her

connection to golden days with less fear.

What is the color of the only planet you can see without opening?

How far does the moon go to meet her lover?

My last fear was to never come home.

בתוך כל בן אדם יש אור של השם

בתוך האור הזה

חיה תקווה.

תקווה לחזור הביתה.

(Inside of every being is the light of Hashem/ inside of this light/ lives hope./ Hope to come back home.)

The wind lacks the desire

to sweep you from your home

or to shadow you in light.

But to the sun,

as inside of women,

there is strength in patience.

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

Your children will

grow up surrounded by

the language you studied

for years to understand;

they will be even closer

to the tongue than its creator.

I have days to count

and minds to understand.

Words to learn

and colors to touch.

Flavors to digest

and gifts to give.

Poems to write

and laughter to spread.