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Month: August 2022

Your eyes

and mine

have the same color

of fear

when we are open

to what

surrounds us.

אני אוהב אותך


.‏נתתי לך לבי

‏אני מחכה לך להבין

כמה זמן שחיכיתי לך

‏‏ושאני תמיד אחכה לך.

I will use what is left of

my strength

to build a world

in which

my family is within me.

The influence of a writer’s


The molding of words

to shapes and light

and love.

Through verse,

a universe is told.

You have me

in the color

of your mother’s


a piece

of an empty tear bottle.

And if you lose

your spirit,

you will be the same body

with a different soul.

Eventually the body changes.

I am not me,

nor am I you.

I am a creation of Hashem,

I carry Hashem within me.

Maybe this is where it takes me.

I can see my self

in every face

and in every home.

I see my self

and your self

as two pieces of One.

יום אחד

נבנה חיים יחד

עם עיני הדבש שלנו

כל יום אנחנו בונים חיים

Speak of yourself

as the flowers in your hands

and the whispers of your final love’s 


The sadness and the loneliness.

I do not know how I would get

rid of them.

Or if I want to.

They remind me that

I am not dreaming.

How does hope create us?

In the beginning of my life

and at the end of it,

I always will search for the

spaces where love grows.