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Month: August 2021

Symbols of Your name

Include a Hamsa

and a Dove

Your name

is painted on the face

of every door

I can not remember


before I knew You

In the nearest summer 

I will be there

As quiet nights 

fading into you 

What is love

without desire?

I became the lion and fed my parentless sister. With her honeycomb I made candles. We lived alone in the holy city. In my dreams, I met her infant self and she became my daughter. I became the mother.

I find it in Hashem.

I find contentment written in letters I have saved. I find it when I pray or on our path to the gate. That is the importance of the gate, I bring my daughter to it every day. Of ash, one becomes without it. She saved me. I became the lion.

The hunger watched me

as it passed me by

I could only think of my journal 

soon to become a museum

That is hunger-a spectacle of abundance

I remember the feeling 

When it comes back 

I fall into the nearest well

and I become the water 

Or in cases of its emptiness

I become the air it holds

That is hunger

It is at once a memorial to a feeling and

to long for the land I come from


The lover called out

and all their tiny angels


with eyes that 

spoke peace


Please do not come here againĀ 


To say oneĀ 


a long return

The dove needs it

A neighbor asked me why?

I nearly found my soul in pieces

-that is the meaning of without

Sometimes I take ownership of the word

Though watching the sun

set or rise

it leaves me

In four forms I find it. In love, lust, fear and peace. Each becomes the other with time. I become them each day, or I lose myself behind it.

What lives here

is love it self

so whole

it builds palace

and bridge

with its fingertips