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Month: June 2021

Before thunder or lilac songbirds. When there existed hues indescribable to seekers of the Tao. A jar of gold-like honey kept rolling out of reach. So I live here now. Soles to the ground, palm to my chest.

How much does solitude add? When my first self is at hunger, less of me finds it. It is like a river attempting to outrun itself. Yet water can be added to its path. Again and again I fall for love and its seclusion.

The Return

The Return


I arrived here

before I was


It is like this every time


And being a bridge means

putting my mothers prayer in the cracks 

Jewels in the light. Shimmering. Glittering. Baked in gold, simmering. Hand to chest, to arms to face; the becoming of light.

Hidden objects in the eye of the beholder. Less and less truth, only shadows of truth and reflections in faces. Like phantom faces in nearly every picture-or the soul of one in many bodies.

Long ago, the drink of gold within my cup was nearly empty.

It sometimes spilled and I would become the floor to catch it.

Little did I know, I am made of gold. I will always have enough.

By the door to oblivion I set all that is precious. Someone once walked through and lost their self. I am afraid of leaving nothing behind.

Beyond darkness, there exists something much more inhibiting;

loss of self or a second birth.

The sound of prayer

strikes me as your

first lover.

You and the Holy One

as you chase oneness

-and oneness is always near.

But she could not fully meet you

and now you lay,

your head to the Western Wall

praying for reunification.

Your beauty is

like lilies in a pond

blessing everything

-the angels become shadows

to bless me unaware

Be rid of excess

and become like a forgotten poet

If only to remember your self

An angel approached sunlight

aching to become its warmth

yet warmth and light are not the same

Is it the rain

which washed away my tears

that becomes our drinking water?

Three hands

of self, love and fear

come gloved in gold

-not made of, but dressed as

Is this a decision or a choice?

If I met my self of yesterday

I would tell her

how quickly the day had passed