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Month: April 2020



I cannot bear anything but archaic love. A table cloth of hope spread over misfortunes. I recollect your unshaved smile and all the unshaved smiles and sapphire eyes I swallowed up. My dreams are haunted by the gentle touch of a man who wants to attach himself to me. A heart continues thumping on the floor and refuses to come back to me.




A beginning

and an end

Every middle detail smudged and ripped

because I cannot bear to relive my life


The middle details must be highlighted and aroused


Those intricacies have created me

Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Beauty; self defined and fragile. Much too fragile for those who cannot fathom themselves. In the mirror I see a ghost. In the garden where we find roses we read, sunbathe and soak up the fragrance. While people reach their last breaths and I do not save them.



Rolling beyond 

where grey meets black and white

Walls cover us

souls peaking out

I named you my cousin

yet I barely know my own

Be my sister

As we begin

your words may be unable to reach my mind

I may misconceive your tongue

How it curves and clicks

I will try so hard to learn you

Where walls are torn down

I find you



My intention of enveloped desire is to tear you apart

I shall leave you and your immoral ways to the ones who do not mind.

Fall into my abyss. Fall, where ladies find an egress



Is this heaven?

Where sunlight meets grass

and each of us share in a communal manner

Father waits by the water

Calling nothing but my name

and I, who speaks of extravagant things.

whilst living in poverty or reverse

Obstructed Views

Obstructed Views

When nobody hears my voice

and I am sitting lonely

Tears falling

for pain and longing are each results

of an event I am unable to recall

I call and call out

I am only here

I Want To Move Away

I Want To Move Away

Suddenly, I grasp how shortly

my time will slip away

and how my white sheets will soon become grey

and the pictures on my walls will all fall

and all I can do is sit and watch the ticking clock

as time rolls away

Vacant Streets

Vacant Streets

Silent wind blows against the silent structures

Surrounding I, standing tall

Albeit they are emptier than at night

and nighttime hides itself in whispers

Night is purposeful in its silence

Daytime belongs to noise