I’m the tip of a log

All that’s left

The wood has been shattered

I drift with no meaning

and no purpose

Highs and lows

But nothing permanent

I’m with the wind

As it drags me along

I’m a surface level beauty

That leaves shards of glass on her windowsill when she jumps out

I didn’t do it for the jumping

But rather for the glass

I want you to see my pain

And hold it in the depths of your heart

As you pray for our future

And hope for survival

I’m a dancer torn from the streets and placed in a messy cage

With nothing left for her

It seems meaningless

The more you sing about it

It seems unfair the more we pray for it

I’m not sure why I’m here

Why’d you place me in this cage father?

Why do I hurt myself simply by questioning

I know I’ll receive an empty answer.

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