Love & Art

Love & Art

♡If I can’t get you, I will get all the others.

♡Everything seems a game to me right now.

♡My thoughts come by but if i don’t record them fast enough, they’re lost forever.

♡I keep on coming back to you. You’re the only one I can never stop loving.

♡Do you still think of me sometimes or did you decide to erase me from your memory?

♡Creativity breaks my cycle of nothingness.

♡I walk past you with my head down. Not that I want privacy, I just always wanted you to notice me. I’m past that. I already got you once and that’s enough.

♡What’s the point of my infatuation with all these lucky people? Why do they deserve my attention, effort and time?

♡Get off your high horse of judgement and accept yourself.

♡Dance as if you’re good at it and everyone’s watching.

♡We spend too much time in the car with music pounding in our ears.

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