☆My mind has been crowded lately.

☆We breath in, then exhale love.

☆Nothing matters until I grant it the power to matter.

☆I have kept secrets from myself. Hidden in rusty shelves in the back of my brain.

☆I crave everything I don’t have.

☆I will captivate your attention.

☆If soulmates are real, is it a limited amount of matches or simply two people connecting? It’s not as cool as it sounds.

☆What if my writing saves me? Is this Gods gift to me? For me to utilize? I will use it.

☆I’d love to shake away the knots in my stomach that can’t seem to untie.

☆What’s my purpose? What’s yours?

☆Are there aliens in outer space?

☆How long after my lifetime will human life become extinct?

☆I love you.

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