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Love & Art

Love & Art

♡If I can’t get you, I will get all the others.

♡Everything seems a game to me right now.

♡My thoughts come by but if i don’t record them fast enough, they’re lost forever.

♡I keep on coming back to you. You’re the only one I can never stop loving.

♡Do you still think of me sometimes or did you decide to erase me from your memory?

♡Creativity breaks my cycle of nothingness.

♡I walk past you with my head down. Not that I want privacy, I just always wanted you to notice me. I’m past that. I already got you once and that’s enough.

♡What’s the point of my infatuation with all these lucky people? Why do they deserve my attention, effort and time?

♡Get off your high horse of judgement and accept yourself.

♡Dance as if you’re good at it and everyone’s watching.

♡We spend too much time in the car with music pounding in our ears.



☆My mind has been crowded lately.

☆We breath in, then exhale love.

☆Nothing matters until I grant it the power to matter.

☆I have kept secrets from myself. Hidden in rusty shelves in the back of my brain.

☆I crave everything I don’t have.

☆I will captivate your attention.

☆If soulmates are real, is it a limited amount of matches or simply two people connecting? It’s not as cool as it sounds.

☆What if my writing saves me? Is this Gods gift to me? For me to utilize? I will use it.

☆I’d love to shake away the knots in my stomach that can’t seem to untie.

☆What’s my purpose? What’s yours?

☆Are there aliens in outer space?

☆How long after my lifetime will human life become extinct?

☆I love you.



Carry yourself with an abundance of love

With love for yourself

Know your importance

Embrace your quirks

Admire yourself as you admire others

And adopt the parts of character you adore in others

Don’t be ashamed of who you are

Not everyone will appreciate you as who you are

Although that doesn’t change anything

Accept your feelings and bad days and moods

So you can accept and appreciate your best days

It is not everyday we have the strength to admire ourselves but we need to always understand that we are growing, changing, loving, learning, listening, dancing, coexisting, praying, and thriving as individuals, together



I crave rain on my skin

softly spiraling from the clouds

I want to touch soaking wet and virescent leaves in Oahu

I want to record my dreams each morning

I want to write.

I’ll tell you my fears if you’ll understand

I’m scared to be alone

Far away from you,

is too lonely.

I wish I could look in a mirror and see my beauty

I wish it was that easy:

To understand ones worth is infinite.

All I want is to be loved

Article on Beauty

Article on Beauty

Do you feel beautiful? Right now at this moment, ask yourself the simple yet deeply layered question, “Do I feel beautiful right now?” Your answer may be a quick and honest yes or no. But now I’d like you to ask yourself, “Why?” “Why do I feel beautiful?” Or “Why do I not?” The reason I wanted you to ask yourself if you feel beautiful, particularly at this moment is that if I were to ask myself or others this same question tomorrow or yesterday, our answers may be different. I’m a fourteen-year-old teenage girl, basically swimming in hormones and mood swings. But only recently, I’ve come up with the idea of self-esteem swings. The formal definition of self-esteem is described as self-pride or confidence. My self-esteem sometimes decreases and at times heightens, which I’m sure all people have experienced and is a perfectly normal thing. Self-esteem relies on three things, your mental, emotional, and physical state. Some would argue that their physical state is the largest influencer on their self-esteem, but I would argue that unless you’re constantly, and drastically changing your physical appearance then your physical state isn’t changing enough to be influencing your self-esteem. I think, that your emotions influence how you feel about yourself physically. Whatever’s going on in your life, whether it’s something stressful or satisfying, that’s what will boost or lessen your confidence. The question is, how do we feel beautiful all the time? Or for some of us how do we start feeling beautiful at all? I’m not here to tell you the answer, I don’t know the answer but I do know it’s complicated and unique to each and every one of us.

In the beginning, you seemed iridescent
I was deceived since you gallantly approached me
On your tall
We fell into it too quickly
We were only strangers
Then you wrecked the trust we shared
You did something atrocious
You infuriated me
I cut you loose
With no regrets or melancholy
I never looked back
Until you decided to reappear
I stayed civil
Yet you wanted a second chance
But I said no to that

Now I’ve spotted someone even more iridescent

It’s never ending

Sheer Perfection

Sheer Perfection

I am not perfectly happy

I’ll never be anything like her

With the bronze skin carrying around effortless smiles

I’ve got so much beneath what the eye meets

I’m layered

I’m ecstatic

I’m depressed 

I’m crazy and wild

I’m beautiful 

And i’m intensely complicated