The air is almost too thick to see through
I thought the world was transparent
Like if I didn’t understand
The answers would fall right in my lap
And finally every day was becoming heavier
I knew I wasn’t strong enough to bear a life like this

Have you ever felt not good enough?
People with perfect lives, and perfect stories strutting through life
Like it’s so light
And you know ok is not good enough

A society where words cut like knives
And heal faster than band aids
Everyone strutting through life
And you feel like the wind is too strong
Blowing through you
Trying to knock only you down
And you know others have got it worse,
You know
But you can’t understand what to do with a life like this

So you write poems
Words that block thoughts stretched and molded, and painted on a laptop screen like a canvas
And then people ask you how you do it
How your poems stick and burn
Dent and shatter
How they resonate with dozens
With athletes
And singers
And artists
How they make people cry
And all I say, is words are my paint, and my mind, my thoughts painted onto papers, and screens
Just sticking
This is my life
Not just words people think I scratch and splatter onto my empty canvas

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